Balibeach; Mountain Batur - Kintamani

Mount Batur is an active volcano inwards Kintamani Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia. Located to the Northwest of Mount Agung, the mount has a caldera mensuration 13.8 x 10 km in addition to is 1 of the largest in addition to most beautiful inwards the earth (van Bemmelen, 1949). Dykes Caldera summit ranges betwixt 1267 m-2246 one thousand (peak of g. Abang). Inside the caldera the caldera formed I II circular-shaped alongside a key stripe around vii km Caldera Basis. II is situated betwixt 120-300 one thousand lower than Undak Kintamani (Caldera basic I). Inside the caldera is a lake inwards the shape of a Crescent Moon that occupies the southeastern role of that length is well-nigh 7.5 km, maximum width of 2.5 km, kelilingnya well-nigh 22 miles in addition to is well-nigh xvi km2 that called the Lake Batur. The caldera of Mount Batur is idea to convey formed equally a effect of 2 major eruptions, in addition to 29,300 20,150 years agone [1].

Mount Batur consists of iii volcanic cone alongside each of its crater, Batur I, II in addition to III of the Batur.
The Eruption
Lava from the eruption of Mount Batur (1926?) barely stockpiling candi bentar temple complex.

Mount Batur has repeatedly erupted. Eruptive action g. Batur recorded inwards history began inwards 1804 in addition to the final eruption took house inwards 2000. Since 1804 until 2005, Mount Batur has erupted 26 times [2] in addition to the most devastating occurred on 2 August in addition to ends September 21, 1926. The eruption of Mount Batur hot lava menses that makes stockpiling Batur village in addition to Ulun Danu Batur.

Batur village, rebuilt on the border of the caldera to the South of Kintamani. Ulun Danu temple rebuilt, until straightaway withal renowned equally the most beautiful temples inwards Bali. This temple was dedicated inwards award of "the Goddess Danu" Goddess of water, equally good equally the temple contained inwards Lake Bratan, also dedicated to revere "Goddess Danu".
Tourist objects
Mount Batur expanse is famous equally a tourist mainstay Bangli Regency. It is said that according to a flush inwards the Epigraph Susana Bali, Mount Batur is the Summit of Mount Mahameru moved Batara Pasupati report made Danuh Betari Sthana (the Palace of Goddess Danu). At whatsoever given time, the Hindus from dissimilar areas inwards Bali comes to Batur to introduce Suwinih to repel the pest disaster that befell their farms. By delivering this suminih hence the of Mount Batur to hold out a fertile area.

Areas that tin laissez passer the axe hold out highlighted equally a tourism finish is the crater, Caldera in addition to Lake. There is a menses of H2O inwards the reason that drains the waters of Lake Batur, which appears to hold out a saltation inwards a few places inwards Bali in addition to is regarded equally the "Holy Water"
Cultural tourism inwards the expanse of Mount Batur is the Make. Although the entire population to a greater extent than oftentimes than non Make such Hindu Balinese, they stated that Hindus Make the original heritage. In the North at that spot are Make kuban, a hamlet cemetery, but his remains are non buried or burned, but was placed nether a tree later on an elaborate decease rituals. Pemakamanan house is catered for past times the bones, in addition to it could hold out that nosotros honour dead bodies that are withal new.

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