Beaches in Bali: Vii Surfing Destinations in Bali

Bali equally a paradise for the surfers. Not exclusively Kuta Beach that is fun for surfing destinations. Bali has many beaches which is fun for surfing. Want to know? Here are vii destinations for surfing in Bali, except Kuta Beach:

1. Uluwatu area

Uluwatu surface area is located in southern Bali has a row of beautiful beaches. Not exclusively beautiful, to a greater extent than or less in the Uluwatu beach has waves that ideal for surfing. Some well-known surfing locations such equally Bingin Beach, Labuan Sait Beach, Padang-padang Beach, Suluban Beach , in addition to Nyangnyang Beach.

Most of the beach, has a regional type of classical waves with a tiptop that tin post away accomplish v to 8 meters. No wonder if many surfers come upwards to this region.

2. Secret Ketewel Beach

This beach is all the same really natural, no many tourists who come upwards in addition to pass the fourth dimension here. So, y'all tin post away clearly experience the blows of the waves in addition to winds in the Secret Ketewel beach. Dec to Apr tin post away best fourth dimension for your choice. This is because at that fourth dimension the air current volition blow against the waves. Have the typical big waves, Secret Ketewel, tin post away too hold upwards a finish for surfing. There are 10 points surfing along the beach, such equally Coconut Beach, Pica Point, Little Nias, Biaung (secret point), Temple Point, Second Secret, in addition to Secret Tewel.

3. Dreamland Beach

Almost all the tourists already know the beauty of the Dremland beach . Waves that swing the white sand grains await exotic when hitting the cliff side past times side to the beach. Roar in addition to the hardness of the waves of Dreamland, arousing the surfer to instantly conquer. Not exclusively used equally a place for surfing, many travelers too role this beach to create a photograph shoot or filming. Because though it popular, Dreamland rest quiet.

4. Bali Cliff

Features of this beach is a pretty big waves, providing a challenging signal for tourists. Types of waves is a regional classic. Has a normal wavelength in addition to the tiptop is quite challenging. so, these destinations tin post away hold upwards a hidden paradise for surfers.

5. Keramas Beach

Located in the Keramas village, Blahbatu, Gianyar, Bali. Every day, many unusual tourists come upwards to this beach for surfing. Keramas Beach has big waves. Here y'all tin post away encounter the maneuvers of unusual surfers in action.

6. Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach is a rocky beach surface area with huge waves. Just similar the other beach of Bali, making Medewi Beach acquire out target of tourists. Medewi Beach is located in the Medewi Village in Jembrana.

7. Canggu Beach

Canggu Beach famous with lovers of surfing. This beach has waves almost 4-5 meters height.

Interested in a opor-garai in addition to larn surfing in Bali? You tin post away direct 1 of these vii destinations. Not exclusively that, y'all tin post away too encounter the natural beauty of the other else in Bali.

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