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Balibeach; Gunung Payung The Hidden Beach

'Pantai Gunung Payung' or 'Gunung Payung' beach is favorite hidden beach inwards Bali, despite of its location in addition to the efforts to instruct to this beach, the panoramic persuasion is 1 that coin can’t purchase in addition to fifty-fifty tired legs in addition to sweating clothe is worth it. Located on southern Bali, at 'Nusa Dua'/'Jimbaran', 'Peninsula'. 'Gunung Payung' Beach is hiden real good downward from the dark-green hills where Pura/temple Gunung Payung is located. 'Gunung Payung' Beach its similar oasis inwards widely comercialized Bali Beaches nowdays, its hardly to uncovering slow accessible beach that has no cafe, no shops, or no hotel nearby. 
The natural rocks destroyed in addition to changed alongside human made rocks in addition to thence on. To accomplish Gunung Payung Beach yous conduct maintain to uncovering the Pura/Temple Gunung Payung first. Once yous accomplish the Temple, simply displ…

Balibeach; What Is Ogoh Ogoh?

'Ogoh- ogoh' is rattling identical with 'Nyepi' Day inwards Bali. It tin endure said that 'ogoh ogoh' is the close interesting resultant with the serial of 'Nyepi' Ceremony. 'Ogoh ogoh' are paraded inwards the 'Pengrupukan' night, which is a hateful solar daytime earlier the 'Saka' New Year's Day or too therefore called 'Nyepi' Day. 'Ogoh-ogoh' whose appearance is rattling scary is commonly paraded around the hamlet or town yesteryear the 'Banjar' (traditional hamlet social club which is dominated yesteryear the youth). 'Ogoh ogoh' is a sort of statue / giant doll which is made of low-cal materials such every bit the combination of wood, bamboo, paper, too styrofoam too therefore it is tardily to endure lifted too paraded. With the evolution or engineering scientific discipline too materials, people prefer using styrofoam because of its lightweight too easiness to endure carved too processed,…

Balibeach; Gebogan, Balinese Offering Civilization To The God

In every ceremony inward the Hindus temple, the Hindus commonly brand offerings to the God called 'Gebogan'. There are 2 kinds of 'gebogan'. First is 'gebogan' that contains with Balinese flowers. Second 'gebogan' which contains with Balinese fruit. 'Gebogan' dedicated to God is the sort 'gebogan' incorporate with Balinese fruits. Basically, they are arrangements of fruit, colorful flowers, chicken roasted in addition to sweetness cakes stacked on exceed of ane another, forming cylindrical towers. These objects are non ever combined together, however, in addition to you lot volition oft uncovering 'gebogan' made upwardly of either only flowers or fruit, depending on the purpose. The offerings are attached to a banana tree torso past times abrupt bamboo skewers. The base of operations of a 'gebogan' tin last either a wooden 'dulang' or a metallic 'bokor' which back upwardly the weight of the tower. Coconut…

Balibeach; Tajen - The Balinese Fix Fighting

'Tajen' is Balinese give-and-take for cock fighting gambling, nonetheless inwards the feel of truthful gambling of Bali 'Tajen' has developed from a small-scale publish of men gathering at the hamlet temple during the ritual provocating their cocks to struggle each other until i or either were dead or i gives upwards armed alongside abrupt 2 sided knife tied at the leg of the cock involved inwards fighting. Both cocks volition hurt each other, fifty-fifty kills i or both. This abrupt knife called  'taji' which give-and-take forms "tajian", together with 'tajian' is assimilated into 'tajen' The bebebotoh is the cite of 'tajen' gambler who purpose the coin for betting at the cock fighting plain called  'kalangan tajen'.
It is non known when Balinese started to know this type of gambling. Since the authorities of Republic of Indonesia declared alongside regulations that 'tajen' is i of gambling together with is fo…

Balibeach; Mepandes, The Unique Hindhu Ceremony Inwards Bali

"Potong Gigi” (Mepandes) ceremony tin endure establish inwards "Kalapati" manuscript. In short, it states that at that topographic point are vi teeth inwards the upper jaw that are scoured past times using gerigi, namely the 2 canine teeth together with 4 incisors. It symbolized the self-awareness to command the "Sadripu" (the vi enemies) inwards human soul. Those are "Kama" (desire), "Lobha" (greedy), "Krodha" (furiousity), "Mada" (intoxicated) "Moha" (swollen), together with "Matsarya" (jealousy). 

The uncontrolled "Sadripu" volition endanger the human’s life. That is the argue why it becomes the parents’ responsibleness to propose the kid together with want to "Hyang Widhi" to endure avoided from the behave on of "Sadripu". The pregnant is implicitly sates inwards "Kala Pati", "Kala Tatwa" together with "Semaradhana" mythology that hum…

Balibeach; Ngaben, Funeral Ritual To The Side Past Times Side Life

Ngaben, or Cremation Ceremony, is a funeral ritual performed inwards Bali to post the deceased to the side yesteryear side life. The trunk of the deceased volition last placed equally if sleeping, in addition to the menage unit of measurement volition operate on to care for the deceased equally sleeping. No tears are shed, because the deceased is alone temporarily absent in addition to volition reincarnate or honor finally residuum inwards Moksha (freeing from the reincarnation in addition to cash inwards one's chips cycle). The proper twenty-four hr menstruation of the ceremony is e'er a thing of consulting a specialist on ceremony days. 

On the twenty-four hr menstruation of the ceremony, the trunk of the deceased is placed within a coffin. This coffin is placed within a sarcophagus resembling a buffalo (Lembu) or inwards a temple construction (Wadah) made of papier-maché in addition to wood. This sarcophagus is in addition to thus borne to the cremation site inwards a pro…

Balibeach; Banyu Pinaruh, Purify Themselves

Banyu Pinaruh roughshod 1 twenty-four lx minutes catamenia later the feast of Saraswati day. Saraswati twenty-four lx minutes catamenia believed to move the turn down inwards scientific discipline past times Hindus inwards Bali. Banyu Pinaruh unremarkably used every bit a twenty-four lx minutes catamenia to create the cleaning themselves past times melukat or bathing at the beach or inwards the purified places inwards Bali. Pura Tirta Empul is a temple alongside a highly purified jump H2O inwards Bali together with the best house to "melukat". Banyu Pinaruh convey 2 word, Bayu together with Pinaruh. Banyu of the give-and-take pregnant H2O , Pinaruh or Pengeruwuh agency knowledge. When Banyu Pinaruh twenty-four lx minutes catamenia people cleanse the trunk together with shampooing at the root - the root of the H2O or on the body of body of water . However procession construct clean the dirt or the nighttime thoughts that attach to the human trunk , alongside scientific discip…