Balibeach; Mepandes, The Unique Hindhu Ceremony Inwards Bali

"Potong Gigi” (Mepandes) ceremony tin endure establish inwards "Kalapati" manuscript. In short, it states that at that topographic point are vi teeth inwards the upper jaw that are scoured past times using gerigi, namely the 2 canine teeth together with 4 incisors. It symbolized the self-awareness to command the "Sadripu" (the vi enemies) inwards human soul. Those are "Kama" (desire), "Lobha" (greedy), "Krodha" (furiousity), "Mada" (intoxicated) "Moha" (swollen), together with "Matsarya" (jealousy). 

The uncontrolled "Sadripu" volition endanger the human’s life. That is the argue why it becomes the parents’ responsibleness to propose the kid together with want to "Hyang Widhi" to endure avoided from the behave on of "Sadripu". The pregnant is implicitly sates inwards "Kala Pati", "Kala Tatwa" together with "Semaradhana" mythology that human must aware inwards his life. It is of import inwards social club non to learn lost or far from his religious belief pedagogy (dharma) together with then that the holy spirit tin hand the sky together alongside the ancestors’ spirit move inwards unity alongside Brahman (Hyang Widhi).The "Semaradana" likewise rules the human relationship betwixt human being together with adult woman must rest inwards trouble alongside the norm. The “Potong Gigi” ceremony is usually conducted together alongside the "Ngeraja sewala" ceremony or unremarkably called the "Menek Kelih" that is a ceremony to present the appreciation to God because the kid has move mature, learn out the childhood together with move teenager.


1. Those who lead keep the mepandes are purified alongside "padudusan madya" later on the priest doing the "ngarga tirta", "mereresik" together with "mapiuning" at "Sanggar Surya". Soon later on that, they volition worship the "Hyang Raditya" for safeties inwards conducting the ceremony.

2. The hairs volition endure cutting together with the trunk is painted alongside holy letters past times using especial ink which is called "mererajah". The operate is to purify the trunk together with to sign the changing of the condition from tender historic menstruation to teenager.

3. Get into the bad where the "mepandes" is conducted, but earlier that the somebody must pace on the "caru" equally the symbol of harmonious, tap the crow bar 3 times (Ang-Ung-Mang) equally the symbol of "Hyang Widhi’s" power, together with the left armpit nips "caket" equally the symbol of the doubtfulness to endure aware of "Sadripu".

4. During the "mepandes" ceremony, the H2O which is used to gargle is thrown into a "kelungah nyuh gading" (young yellowish coconut) inwards social club non to create "keletehan" (make the surrounding inwards dirt).

5. "Mepedamel" is derived from the discussion “dama” which way wisdom. The operate of "mepedamel" later on "mepandes" is inwards social club the kid volition became a wisdom kid during together with teen historic menstruation together with and then forth, stand upward to seem upward the happiness together with sadness of life, rest inwards trouble alongside Hindu religious teaching, has broad perspective, together with has rigid self confidence to determine on something together with know how to differentiate "dharma" together with "adharma".

The next are the symbolization of activities that are held inwards mepedamel:
  • The somebody wears white fabric, yellowish “kampuh”. together with “samara-ratih” bandoleer equally the symbol of God “Semara” together with Godess “Ratih” (based on Semaradhana manuscript)
  • Wearing “pawitra yarn” which has tridatu colors (red, white, together with black) equally the symbol of personal band toward the religious norms.
  • Testing the “Sad Rasa” (six flavor) , bitter  together with sour equally the symbol to move tough inwards facing the life which unpleasant sometimes; spicy  equally the symbol to move non to learn angry easily when experiencing or hearing unpleasant things; sepet (casquette ) equally the symbol to endure obedient toward the rules or norms; salty equally the symbol of wisdom, ever endeavor to growth the noesis lineament past times studying; sweetness equally the symbol of  physically together with spiritually happiness  life.
6. “Natab banten”. The operate is to want for bless from “Hyang Widhi” together with then the existent aims of the ceremony could endure achieved.
7. “Matapak”. Spiritually, the parents’ responsibilities toward the kid firstly from fetus until mature has been accomplished. It likewise symbolized the appreciation of the kid to the parents because they already accept skillful attention of him/ her, asks for forgiveness from the parents because of the fault, together with likewise want for their bless inwards social club to endure success inwards facing the life inwards the future.
8. “Persembahyangan” (worshiping) to worship “Hyang Widhi”.


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