Balibeach; Tajen - The Balinese Fix Fighting

'Tajen' is Balinese give-and-take for cock fighting gambling, nonetheless inwards the feel of truthful gambling of Bali 'Tajen' has developed from a small-scale publish of men gathering at the hamlet temple during the ritual provocating their cocks to struggle each other until i or either were dead or i gives upwards armed alongside abrupt 2 sided knife tied at the leg of the cock involved inwards fighting. Both cocks volition hurt each other, fifty-fifty kills i or both. This abrupt knife called  'taji' which give-and-take forms "tajian", together with 'tajian' is assimilated into 'tajen' The bebebotoh is the cite of 'tajen' gambler who purpose the coin for betting at the cock fighting plain called  'kalangan tajen'.

It is non known when Balinese started to know this type of gambling. Since the authorities of Republic of Indonesia declared alongside regulations that 'tajen' is i of gambling together with is forbidden, the 'bebotohs' looking for a argue that 'tajen' is a necessity, for requirement of ritual, together with e'er organize the 'tajen' during the temple ritual, or during identify unit of measurement ritual. The nascence of 'tajen' inspired a mortal to write superstitious forecasts. We produce non able to detect out conditions the writing was made yesteryear a 'brahmana' or a mutual people. Seen from the linguistic communication it would convey been written to a greater extent than or less 18th century. This manuscript is called 'Pengayam-ayaman' or exactly agency the consultant for 'bebotohs' to foresee what cock volition live on the winner on sure as shooting solar daytime of the 'tajen', what color of the cock volition live on the victorious, together with at what direction the cock should live on provocated for the commencement fourth dimension on the battle field. The manuscript claims to live on able to plough over clues to the cock that volition win the battle.



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