Balibeach; My Sense Visited Rumah Pohon Tulamben

Last calendar month I heard my friends say nearly their trip to Rumah Pohon (Tree House) inwards Kubu Karangasem. I experience as well as hence curious as well as essay come upwards to this location. And Last calendar week I visited this amazing house amongst my family, as well as i volition say you lot nearly my experience come upwards to this place.
I’m experience as well as hence lucky because today the conditions real supported to traveling. From the Amlapura metropolis nosotros demand fourth dimension until two hours. It’s demand a long fourth dimension because as well as hence difficult to scope this place. Rumah Pohon Tulamben located inwards the human foot of Mount Agung. Batu Dewa Tulamben Village. 

The terrain has been nosotros through to tin scope ‘Rumah Pohon Tulamben’ is as well as hence difficult because of the pocket-size route as well as climb roads. But the panorama on the route made nosotros experience slowly to run yesteryear the road. Arriving at the destination, I tin come across many visitors who come upwards here, because today is weekend. To larn inwards the ‘Rumah Pohon Tulamben’ Area nosotros must pay the entrance fee of 10.000 rupiah. In this expanse non merely has a Tree House, But has a big temple as well as the visitors tin going upwards to the temple to come across the scenery. The scenery from this temple I come across is real amazing. I tin come across the body of body of water from hither as well as the hills which arrounding this area. Although the conditions is sunny, but nosotros yet experience mutual depression temperature inwards this area.

Don’t endure worry if you lot come upwards hither as well as non select whatever food. Because inwards in that location is a restaurant. So you lot tin swallow in that location patch bask the panorama

Tulamben on google maps:

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