Balibeach; Sekumpul Waterfall | Some Beautifull Waterfall Inwards Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall is the almost beautiful waterfall inwards Bali. Located inwards Sekumpul Village, Buleleng Regency, Bali merely 2 kilometers from Lemukih Waterfall. To run into Sekumpul Waterfall it requires a lot of liberate energy together with struggle. From the parking area, yous must walk far, transcend a dirt road, downward hundreads of stairs, together with crossing the river.
If yous drive a motorcycle, yous tin flaming drive from the parking expanse ( close the ticket booths ), until reached the terminate of paving road. After paving road, the raod alter endure narrow dirt route ( footpath ). Not long afterward walk inwards footpath, yous volition brand it inwards a ‘Bale Bengong’ ( Gazebo ) alongside the amazing Sekumpul Waterfall scenery. From the ‘Bale Bengong’ yous tin flaming run into the beauty of Sekumpul Waterfall. This waterfall merely non has i or ii waterfall, but Sekumpul Waterfall has vii waterfalls. It’s brand Sekumpul Waterfall endure dissimilar alongside other waterfall inwards Bali. That vii waterfall located separately on the cliffs and trees. This waterfalls has the dissimilar shapes together with heights. It’s non incorrect if many people state this waterfall, is the best waterfall inwards Bali

From the vii of this waterfall, yous merely tin flaming run into ii waterfall from nearby. But ii of Sekumpul Waterfall has dissimilar shapes together with heights. This waterfalls come upwards from dissimilar H2O source. The left waterfall come upwards from the H2O jump together with the other waterfall come upwards from the river. On the rainy flavor the left waterfall withal construct clean but the beside waterfall turbid.

To approaching Sekumpul Waterfall, yous must downward to hundreads of stairs together with cross the river. I recommend yous to waer curt pants together with sandals ( sport shoes ), because yous volition crossing the deep river (adult thigh) to brand it inwards front end of waterfall. It’s ask to a greater extent than make out to this beautifull waterfall. But your make out volition paid past times this amazing waterfall. 


Sekumpul Waterfall on google maps:

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