Balibeach; Explore The Hidden Beauty Of Honeymoon Beach

Bali Island for sure renowned for its various natural attractions, particularly the beach. Not alone Kuta Beach that conk tourist destination. There are notwithstanding many beaches inwards Bali that is to a greater extent than beautiful than populace beaches, but notwithstanding non explored yet. One of them is called Honeymoon Beach. It is located inwards Tegal Wangi Street, Jimbaran. Close plenty to Tegal Wangi Beach. 

Tegal Wangi Beach notwithstanding fairly tranquillity from visitor too, because at that spot are notwithstanding many people who don’t know the beach location. Even though, the beauty of the beach is no doubt. Because it’s notwithstanding quiet, the facilities are express here. As good equally Honeymoon Beach, fifty-fifty to a greater extent than tranquillity than Tegal Wangi Beach. Only a thought local people visiting this beach. The place was non straight off seen from the road, dissimilar Tegal Wangi Beach that its hills cuold hold upwards seen straight from roadside, when nosotros are almost there.

Road access to Honeymoon Beach is located 500 meters earlier Tegal Wangi Beach. After the stones street, precisely inwards the right side of street volition seem a piddling downhill road. From the border of the road, nosotros notwithstanding convey to walking through a piddling wood almost 800 meters to make Honeymoon Beach location. That is the alone means towards to this hidden beach. Along the way, at that spot is no whatsoever markers that tin flame lead. So, hold upwards careful when you lot overstep through this way.

Difficulties to make this house comparable to the beauty of Honeymoon Beach. Located on top of green hills, here people can directly see the expanse of blue sea consummate alongside sound waves characteristic. As far equally the oculus could come across volition alone look exoticism of the sea surrounded by green hills, filled with corals. Even there are some coral that form a unique cave

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