Balibeach; Gedong Kirtya – Learning The Balinese Manuscript

Buleleng Regency is the historical town, because it had popular off upper-case missive of the alphabet metropolis of Bali on 1885-1958. If you lot view Buleleng, you lot must view Gedong Kirtya Museum. 
Gedong Kirtya Museum located inwards veteran street Singaraja, or 10 km from Lovina Beach. This museum was built yesteryear Resident I.J.J. Calon on June 2d 1928, who was a regime official inwards Bali as well as Lombok during the Dutch colonial era. Initially, this identify is used to enquiry the Balinese Culture yesteryear ii Dutch scholars F.A. Liefrienk as well as MD N. van der Tuuk . The get upwards this museum was given yesteryear I Gusti Putu djelantik (Buleleng’s King), “gedong” hateful edifice as well as “kirtya” hateful to endeavour. So Gedong Kirtya way the edifice to conserve of Balinese Culture, particularly the manuscript. 
The full surface area of this manuscript museum is 300 squares meter as well as divided into four rooms. The commencement room, to continue lontar or onetime manuscript; the 2d room, the identify for copying the lontar; the tertiary room is the identify for management as well as the final room is exhibition place. Gedong Kirtya Museum collected the copies as well as preserves thousands of lontar (manuscripts made of palm leaf), "prasati" (transcriptions on metallic plates) as well as books which incorporate diverse aspects of human life, such every mo religion, architecture, philosophy, genealogy, homeopathy, "usada" (medical manuscripts), dark magic, as well as and thus on, inwards the Balinese, Kawi (old Javanese) as well as the Dutch, English linguistic communication as well as High German language.  

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It is recommended identify to view when you lot larn holidays inwards the Beautiful Island, where you lot but mass your trip through a reliable go agency. I believe your trip volition live on awesome as well as bang-up experience.

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