Beachesinbali: Visa Concerns For Australians Living in Bali

More than 10,000 Australians are estimated to alive in Bali all year, or for a substantial business office of it. While many consider themselves to survive permanent residents, they in fact convey real niggling legal Blue Planet for this claim.

The Visa Challenge

The Indonesian authorities provides Australian nationals alongside a number of visa options to back upwards their “visit” to Bali. These include:
  • Tourist visa – valid for xxx days (or threescore days if arranged in selected countries inside Asia);
  • Business visa – valid for threescore days (or 12 months for a multiple-entry concern visa);
  • Employment visa – valid for 1 twelvemonth as well as must survive sponsored past times an Indonesian-based company;
  • Social-cultural visa – valid for threescore days as well as tin strength out survive extended monthly to a maximum of vi months. Visas must survive sponsored past times an Indonesian citizen;
  • Family/dependent visa; and
  • Retirement visa – valid for 1 twelvemonth as well as tin strength out survive extended each twelvemonth for upwards to 5 years.

Beyond these visa options, at that topographic point is niggling compass for Australian nationals to accomplish permanent resident status. While at that topographic point is a permanent residence permit, it is available alone for a five-year period.

Australian expats convey adopted a attain of strategies for securing as well as renewing their short-term visas in lodge to alive year-round in Bali. One significantly pop approach sees expats instruct out Bali for a brusk menstruum – frequently a few days – earlier applying for a novel visa upon re-entry. Longer-term members of the expat community convey reportedly used this strategy for many years.

However, a recent determination past times the Indonesian Immigration Office looked laid upwards to acquaint challenges to the widely practised visa renewal method. Initially, it looked similar it may forbid many Australians from living “permanently” in Bali. It is unclear if the directive has been enforced, or whether it may convey been revoked.

Under the initial directive, from Oct xx until Dec 30, 2015, visitors to Republic of Indonesia – entering through Denpasar International Airport – volition survive denied entry if they had previously entered the province twice in less than 1 twelvemonth as well as been issued a visa on arrival.

The directive indicates that the activity is in answer to complaints from tourism organisations. The complaints primarily focus on the increasing number of expats working illegally in tourism businesses in Bali.

A translation of the directive specifically identifies that tourism organisations are concerned that expats convey been working illegally every bit waiters, tour guides as well as scuba instructors, as well as too providing concierge services for tours as well as businesses.

This mensurate is targeted at curbing the number of foreigners working illegally in Bali. But Australians who “permanently” alive in Bali could too survive facing an unwanted reality banking concern tally regarding their rights to instruct in – as well as fifty-fifty rest in – Bali.

Permanent Residents or Temporary Visitors?

Indonesia’s shifting approach on immigration volition strength Australian expats who renew their visas through frequent go to revisit their plans.

A recent survey of Australians living in Bali revealed that, from a sample of 185 people, 68% renewed their visas past times regularly travelling out of Bali. Those who did non go out of Bali typically held retirement or concern visas, renewing them through a local agent.

The survey asked Australian expatriates why they had moved to, as well as how they felt nearly living in, Bali. People fundamentally made a witting determination to movement to Bali to accomplish a lifestyle they felt would non survive available to them in Australia.

The distinct characteristics of Bali’s natural as well as cultural surroundings were the major factors drawing people to it. The lower living as well as housing costs were too of import in influencing decisions to move.

Importantly, participants in the study identified Bali every bit their primary home, where their social networks as well as activities were based and, in to a greater extent than or less cases, where they achieved their master copy income. Irrespective of the type of visa they held, many had invested in holding as well as instruct engaged in community activities.

The population of Australians living in Bali continues to grow. However, the directive from the Indonesian Immigration Office serves every bit a reminder of the reality of their situation. Australian expats are non “permanent” residents of Indonesia. While they powerfulness consider Bali to survive their home, they are alone temporary visitors.

Source :  The Conversation
Amanda Davies | Senior Lecturer in Geography as well as Social Demography, Curtin University


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