Balibeach; Enjoying The Unique Museum Of Big Doll Ogoh - Ogoh

 A solar daytime earlier Nyepi Day celebration, or good known amongst appellation Pengrupukan Day at that spot is attraction of parading Ogoh-ogoh held on the street inward Bali. Ogoh-ogoh is a statue shaped similar a giant that made from bamboo together with newspaper or other materials which paraded environs the hamlet at minute earlier Nyepi Day celebration. After it’s been paraded, Ogoh-ogoh normally burned. But at that spot some Ogoh-ogoh that non endure burnt together with displayed inward the museum.

One of museum which displayed Ogoh-ogoh created past times Balinese children is Ogoh-ogoh museum. Located nearly Soka Beach, Tabanan, Bali just inward Soka Indah Rest Area. There are or thence xvi kinds of Ogoh-ogoh that displayed here. This Ogoh-ogoh museum was initiated past times Kooeswintoro, Head Director of Grafika Group which is a companionship that engaged inward didactics together with tourism field. This museum was opened on May, 2013. To access this Ogoh-ogoh museum is really easy, because the place of Ogoh-ogoh Museum is nearly Soka Beach that onset the border of Denpasar top dog road. It takes or thence 75 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport.

As nosotros know later on Ogoh-ogoh endure paraded on the street, it is normally burned-out. But brand Ogoh-ogoh genuinely ask a big costs, fifty-fifty it achieve until hundreds 1 grand one thousand rupiahs. There are thence many unusual tourists that willing to come upwardly to Bali alone to run into this Ogoh-ogoh. Because Ogoh-ogoh tin hand the sack endure used equally a genuinely practiced tourist’s attraction together with then that is the argue this Ogoh-ogoh museum was made. In addition, the utilisation of establishing this Ogoh-ogoh museum is to save fine art together with civilization values that inherited from the ancestors inward the past times era.

Ogoh-ogoh museum consist of twenty huts size 6x6 together with 6x4 meters amongst tiptop about 3,5 meters. In each hut, at that spot is 1 upwardly to two Ogoh-ogoh that consist sure enough meaning. For example at that spot is Ogoh-ogoh amongst Sinta Kidnapping Theme (Rama’s Wife) past times Ravana that taken from Ramayana Puppet Story. From this museum, you lot tin hand the sack too spotter the beautiful Soka Beach from the top, because the place of this museum is higher upwardly Soka Beach. Besides you lot direct maintain a hold back at Ogoh-ogoh, you lot tin hand the sack too run into Tabanan typical granary that instruct an icon of Tabanan Regency.

There are some facilities provided inward Ogoh-ogoh Museum which are spacious parking area, minimarket, restaurant, toilet, together with seats overlooking the beach. So, if you lot are proceed a vacation inward Bali, produce non forget to take in this Ogoh-ogoh museum at Soka Indah.

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