Beaches in Bali; The Beach Of Nusa Penida

The beach of Nusa Penida

Currently I oftentimes larn questions from readers of the site Beaches in Bali; The beach of Nusa Penida

Currently I oftentimes larn questions from readers of the site, which is similar a opor-garai to the beach in Bali, close the names in addition to locations rarely visited beaches in Bali, but it must bring natural beauty Kutuh Pandavas coast of Bali, alongside construct clean white sand in addition to empty.
To answer the questions visitors to the site, I wrote close a listing of beautiful hidden beach on the isle of Bali.
Of all the beautiful beaches listing is hidden in Bali that I wrote, all the beaches in Bali is located in the expanse of ​​tourist attractions in southern Bali in addition to expanse attractions in eastern Bali.
Hidden beaches in South Bali.
Pantai Indah Hidden In East Bali.
After writing the article above, in addition to and hence came the thought out of my take away heed to write choice tourist destinations in Bali, on a beautiful beach hidden in Klungkung regency my birthplace.

Special on this page, I volition write close the white sand beach, which has beautiful scenery in addition to rarely visited on the isle of Nusa Penida equally an choice tourist finish in Bali.
Turkish Nusa Penida - Lovely & Rarely Visited
For those seeking an choice opor-garai to Bali tourist spots in addition to you lot bring an adventurous spirit in addition to dear tourist beach resorts on the isle of Bali which has beautiful views, equally good equally the location of the beach rarely people know, hence it's adept for a opor-garai to the beach in Nusa Penida Bali.

List of Nusa Penida Island Temple :

1. Turkish atuh
Currently I oftentimes larn questions from readers of the site Beaches in Bali; The beach of Nusa Penida

One of the coast's most famous Nusa Penida diatara all beaches in Nusa Penida is atuh Beach. For forthwith atuh Beach nonetheless entered in the category of beach rarely visited in Bali. Whereas atuh beach on the isle of Nusa Penida Bali, has the characteristics of a beautiful beach alongside a unique, dissimilar from the beaches on the isle to another.

On the beach in that location are 3 coastal atuh white sand beaches split high cliffs on each side of the beach. Each coastal expanse has white sand mixed alongside minor rocks.

The sea H2O is really clear, if you lot similar snorkeling, beautiful coral reefs that are nonetheless beautiful to last visible from the surface of the sea. If on the other beach locations in Bali, when the reader sit down on the sand beach, you lot volition encounter the opened upward sea waters, but if the reader sit down on the sand beach of Nusa Penida atuh, in improver to seeing the sights seas, minor islands volition too last visible.

Cause atuh coast of Nusa Penida rarely visited yesteryear domestic tourists, because the location is really hidden beaches, away from residential location local residents, in addition to take away extra attempt to larn to the beach location atuh Nusa Penida.

Readers interested in a opor-garai to the beach atuh Nusa Penida, in addition to hence laid upward your stamina! Due to accomplish the shore, the reader must transcend through limestone in addition to rocks alongside a distance of 2 kilometers from the hamlet of Banjar climbers who were Pejukutan, the isle of Nusa Penida.

2. Pasih UUG
Currently I oftentimes larn questions from readers of the site Beaches in Bali; The beach of Nusa Penida

One beach of Nusa Penida in Klungkung regency of Bali, which is pop amid immature travelers are pasih mentioning sites Nusa Penida.

Name Pasih mentioning if interpreted to Indonesian, Pasih agency beach, spell mentioning that agency broken, hence it tin last interpreted damaged beaches. Pasih mentioning amid unusual tourists known equally broken beach of Nusa Penida.

Tourist attractions Pasih mentioning is a beach dikellilingi yesteryear high cliffs, really similar to the cliffs in the attraction of Bali Uluwatu temple.

When viewed from above, if the visitor has a drone, it would await similar sea H2O pools surrounded yesteryear high cliffs. The sea H2O tin larn into the expanse surrounded yesteryear cliffs, due to a hole in 1 wall of cliffs in addition to resemble such a bridge.

Because of the holes in the walls of coral, some people too called beach pasih Bali Nusa Penida mentioning the call Batu Bolong Beach / Coast Karang Bolong. Bolong is a Balinese linguistic communication agency holes.

The location of sites mentioning Pasih Nusa Penida in Banjar district Sumpang, entrance expanse Bunga Mekar village, District of Nusa Penida. Precisely in the southwest of the isle of Nusa Penida.

3. Pasih Andus
Currently I oftentimes larn questions from readers of the site Beaches in Bali; The beach of Nusa Penida

Pasih Andus Nusa Penida location following to the location of the beach in addition to attractions pasih mentioning Angel's Billabong, but a few meters away in addition to tin last reached yesteryear foot, to a greater extent than or less xv minutes.

If translated into Indonesian, pasih agency beach spell andus agency to smoke, hence the beach fume dong!

Not the fume coming out, but a splash of seawater towering sea waves equally a upshot of the blow south, hitting the wall of cliffs jutting into the sea.

If you've always traveled to attraction waterblow Nusa Dua Bali, in addition to hence similar these waves towering H2O gradually, fifty-fifty higher than the waves waterblow Nusa Dua Bali.

Most tourists who see locations Pasih Andus Nusa Penida are immature travelers, they volition hold back for the 2nd the towering waves spell taking photos selfie. Pounding waves towering every infinitesimal does non happen, hence last patient to wait.

From pasih Andus, if the reader facing the northwest, volition last able to encounter the isle of Nusa Ceningan.

4. Angel's Billabong
Currently I oftentimes larn questions from readers of the site Beaches in Bali; The beach of Nusa Penida

Angel's Billabong for me is the pearl of Nusa Penida, really unique in addition to really rare attractions such equally Angel's Billabong Nusa Penida elsewhere.

The uniqueness of Angel's Billabong Nusa Penida, it is worth it to me in the category of unique attractions in Bali. So if readers invention to opor-garai to move wrought Nusa Penida, practise non immature lady to see Angel's Billabong.

Angel's Billabong on the isle of Nusa Penida Bali is an estuary of the river following to the sea, solely the river oral fissure is clogged, making upward a puddle of stagnant water.

Swimming Angel's Billabong flanked yesteryear 2 cliffs in addition to the H2O is really clear which makes you lot able to encounter the bottom of the pool.

The mood for a opor-garai to Angel's Billabong Nusa Penida? If yes! Readers volition desire to know how to Angel's Billabong.

5. Crystal Bay Beach
Currently I oftentimes larn questions from readers of the site Beaches in Bali; The beach of Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay beach 1 beach of Nusa Penida is a lot of visits from tourists, peculiarly unusual tourists who are fond of maritime tourism activities peculiarly snorkeling.

The master copy call of Crystal Bay beach is a beach Penida. Crystal Bay is the call given yesteryear unusual tourists, because the beach Penida sea H2O is really clear in addition to sparkles similar a crystal.

The best fourth dimension to see the beaches of Crystal Bay, peculiarly about sunset. The location of Crystal Bay Beach in the expanse of ​​banjar Penida, Village Way, Nusa Penida.
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