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Beaches in Bali Tumpek Wayang ceremony falls on Sat / Sanicara Kliwon Wayang. On this solar daytime Balinese brand offerings devoted to Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa in manifestation equally Sang Hyang Iswara, which had penetrated the darkness, illuminating the world, in addition to awaken the ability of fine art in addition to beauty. This ceremony is celebrated every 210 days (6 months in Balinese calendar).

Beaches in Bali Tumpek Wayang is too an of import solar daytime for the fine art of shadow puppets. Many families produce got shadow puppets that were inherited from the ancestors or their predecessors who worked equally a puppeteer. On this solar daytime the puppeteers (Samirana) volition consequence the puppets from the box in addition to adapt them in such a way. The offerings placed well-nigh the puppet in addition to thus prayer is performed.

Tumpek Wayang ceremony falls on Sat  BeachesinBali: Tumpek Wayang Ceremony in Bali Kresna.Tumpek Wayang Ceremony, Bali 2017. Acrylic on Paper, fifteen x twenty cm.

Tumpek Wayang Bali

Beaches in Bali In Bali, at that topographic point are half dozen serial of Tumpek, celebrated in a bicycle of Balinese Pawukon Calendar (every 210 days), in addition to Tumpek Wayang is the latter. Tumpek Wayang is positioned real special in addition to sacred. Balinese believe that the days during wuku Wayang (for 1 week) is a transition time, thus it should live real careful in doing the action or work.

Beaches in Bali On Fri of wuku Wayang (one solar daytime earlier Tumpek Wayang) is seen equally the summit of the negative liberate energy (Bhuta Kala). This solar daytime is ofttimes called "Dina Kala Paksa". People are non allowed to launder their hair. For wiku or holy priest are non allowed to perform prayer or worship.

Beaches in Bali On this solar daytime Hindus house the Sesuwuk or Seselat (markers), in the shape of thorny pandanus leaves that are cutting in addition to placed in shrines in addition to houses. According to local belief, thorny pandanus is believed to produce got such magical powers that tin neutralize the negative energy.

Beaches in Bali The adjacent day, this Sesuwuk is collected in addition to placed in the outer expanse of the yard. This is equally a sign that the negative liberate energy has been neutralized.

Wayang Sapuh Leger

Beaches in Bali Wuku Wayang, equally a sacred time, is too believed to produce got an comport upon on a person's birth. Every bring upward who has kid born in wuku Wayang in addition to peculiarly on the Tumpek Wayang volition concur a special purification ceremony (ruwatan) in addition to consummate alongside performances of "Wayang Sapuh Leger". They hope the negative liberate energy interference (Bhuta Kala) to the kid tin live avoided.

Beaches in Bali Wayang Sapuh Leger tells the storey of Shiva has sons named Bhatara Rare Kumara (a child) in addition to Batara Kala (a demon). Shiva gives grace to the Kala that kid who born in wuku Wayang tin croak his prey. Kala afterwards knowing that Rare Kumara too born in wuku Wayang, thus that he pursuing Rare Kumaran equally his prey.

Beaches in Bali Rare Kumara run in addition to hide, only Kala ever know where he hides. Until lastly Rare Kumara encounter a puppet show, in addition to the puppeteer shroud him in the bamboo resonance of Gender Wayang. Kala appeared only did non notice Rare Kumara. Then Kala encounter the offerings, he directly consume it until zero left.

Beaches in Bali The Puppeteer (Dalang) knows this come about in addition to asks Kala to restore the offerings that produce got been eaten. Kala could non undertake the asking of the puppeteer. Kala promised to Dalang that he would non prey on children who were born in wuku Wayang if they had held the "Wayang Sapuh Leger". Finally Rare Kumara was saved.


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