Beaches in Bali : Amazing Photograph Clicked At Uluwatu Bali ( Indonesia ) As Well As Poesy Of Good Known Kashmiri Poet Ghulam Ahmed Mehjoor


( Photo .. Autar Mota … 2015)

I am adding lines from a poesy form of Gh Ahmed Mehjoor , good known kashmiri poet to this frame as well as idea ….

“Ma'laala Traavith Tche sa'laa yikh na
Ba ma'la Poshan karaai ha laalo.....
Me Chooni sombraavi khooni dil tche
Ratchhaa’n Roozis ba Rae’t Raatus
Hallum sam’bhaalith Nishaana Baapat
Timmaai Tche Naalus Jaraai Ha laalo
( Gh Ahmed Mehjoor )

My uncomplicated English linguistic communication rendering would hold out ..

" Forgetting grievances,
Could you lot come upwardly this means for the feast ?
I shall adorn you lot amongst blossom Garlands Love!
All along the nighttime ,
Love , I collected my heart’s Blood equally pearls ,
As mementos , preserved these inward my scarf ,
And hither I yearn to decorate your neckband amongst these gems …"

( Autar Mota )                                      

 I am adding lines from a poesy form of Gh Ahmed Mehjoor  BeachesinBali;       Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 PHOTO CLICKED AT ULUWATU BALI ( INDONESIA ) AND POETRY OF WELL KNOWN  KASHMIRI POET GHULAM AHMED MEHJOOR  CHINAR SHADE past times Autarmota is licensed nether a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Bharat License.
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