Beaches in Bali : Stunning Island of God




To this photograph ,i add together a mini poesy form "Me Koyee Jazeera Nahin ' or " I am non an Island " that i wrote today...

( Me Koyee Jazeera Nahin ) 

Khwaab to khwaab Thhay 
Palkon Mein Samaaye Hotay 
Tum Na aaye to chalo
Khwaab Hi Aaye Hotay..
Khwaab Bhi Rooth Gaye 
Jo Hamaare Thhay 
Hum se Chhoot Gaye..
Ab To Buss Dhoop Hai Rastaa
hai aur safar apnaa ..
Manzilon Ki to ab Talab hi Nahin..
Na Koyee Dost Na Ahbaab Na karam-farmaa 
Ek samandhar Hai aur akela huun
Saathiyon Me Koyee Jazeera Nahin
Iss Samandhar Mein Jee Nahin Saktaa 
Pyaas se mar Mitoon Voh Behtar Hai 
Khaara Paani Me Pee Nahin Saktaa...

( Autar Mota )

My uncomplicated English linguistic communication rendering would live ..

( I am non an Island )

Dreams are simply Dreams ,
These should accept visited  my  eyes .
If You didn’t come upwards ,
Dreams could accept  come  at to the lowest degree  .

 Now, Dreams also accept moved  away ,
Away accept moved my ain kinsmen ,
My companions ;
The Sun ,
The path
And the Journey.
Dried upwards is the want  to hitting Goals .
No friends,
No good wishers  
And no Benevolence from Any quarter .
 As if ,
Lonely together with lost I am  inwards an  sea ,
 Friends    ! I am non an isle ,
I can’t  go inwards this body of body of water .
 Better  fade away   inwards thirst   than
 Gulp this saline Water all around..

( Autar Mota )

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