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Republic of Indonesia is domicile to diverse styles of music, amongst those from the islands of Java, Sumatera and Bali being often recorded. The traditional music of primal and East Java and Bali is the gamelan.

Kroncong is a musical genre that uses guitars and ukulele as the main musical instruments. This genre had its roots in Portugal and was introduced past times Portuguese traders inwards the 15th century. There is a traditional Keroncong Tugu music group in North Jakarta and other traditional Keroncong music groups inwards Maluku, amongst rigid Portuguese influences. This music genre was pop inwards the outset one-half of the 20th century; a contemporary shape of Kroncong is called Pop Kroncong.

Angklung musical orchestra, native of West Java, received international recognition as UNESCO has listed the traditional West Java musical musical instrument made from bamboo inwards the listing of intangible cultural heritage.
The soft Sasando music from the say of East Nusa Tenggara in West Timor is completely different. Sasando uses an musical instrument made from a split leafage of the Lontar palm (Borassus flabellifer), which bears around resemblance to a harp.

Balinese Dance
Indonesian trip the lite fantastic reflects the diverseness of civilization from ethnic groups that composed the acre of Indonesia. Austronesian roots together with Melanesian tribal trip the lite fantastic forms are visible, together with influences ranging from neighboring Asian countries; such as India, China, and Middle East to European western styles through colonization. Each ethnic grouping has their ain distinct dances; makes full dances inwards Republic of Indonesia are to a greater extent than than 3000 Indonesian master copy dances. However, the dances of Republic of Indonesia tin plough over the sack endure divided into 3 eras; the Prehistoric Era, the Hindu/Buddhist Era together with the Era of Islam, together with into 2 genres; courtroom trip the lite fantastic together with folk dance.
There is a continuum inwards the traditional dances depicting episodes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata from India, ranging through Thailand, all the means to Bali. There is a marked difference, though, betwixt the highly stylized dances of the courts of Yogyakarta and Surakarta and their pop variations. While the courtroom dances are promoted together with fifty-fifty performed internationally, the pop forms of trip the lite fantastic fine art together with drama must largely endure discovered locally.
During the final few years, Saman from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam has dice rather pop together with is often portrayed on TV. Reog Ponorogo is too a trip the lite fantastic that originated from the district Ponorogo, East Java, which is a visualization of the legendary storey Wengker kingdom together with the kingdom of Kediri.

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