Beaches in Bali : Wonderful Photograph Of Pandava Beach Bali Indonesia In Addition To Why Nosotros Should Utter In Addition To Relieve The Innocent Youngster Inside

 ( Photo Autar Mota )

To this photograph i add together a thought............... 

 Those who decease on soundless may non last ignorant . Ignorance has zippo to produce amongst quiet . This globe is unfortunately being  amount of people who know everything but decease on soundless . soundless since the issues approximately produce non demeanour upon them specifically . May last mostly they  are feebly concerned  but they produce non utter up.

looking towards other side together with turning willfully  ignorant( when yous demand to utter together with last firm  together with fair inward your  reaction ) , may attempt out  grave  for the true together with innocent shaver that resides within all of us.
This shaver keeps watching our demeanour , reflexes together with actions. Afraid of him, Urdu poet Akhtar Ul Iman had said. " Yeh Ladkaa poochha rehtaa hai Akhtar Ul Iman breadbasket howdy ho? This shaver keeps quest me .. “Are yous the dandy akhtar Ul Imaan ? " ”
Do nosotros telephone phone that shaver equally the mirror within ?
And therefore Poet Sahir  Ludhianavi  also felt :
"Jag se chaahe Bhaag le koyee
Mun se bhaag na paaye"

“ Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 human may run  away from this globe
But where shall he become from  the self within “

Yes really rarely , circumstances prevail upon yous to last helplessly silent. Those situations are really very rare equally  poet  Mirza Ghalib equally good clarifies..

Hai kuchh Aissi howdy baat Jo chupp huun
Varna kya baat kar nahin Aati..
Aage aati thhi haale dil pe hansi
Ab Kissi baat par nahin Aati..

(Autar Mota )

Those who decease on soundless may non last ignorant  BeachesinBali; Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 PHOTO OF  PANDAVA BEACH BALI INDONESIA AND  WHY WE SHOULD  SPEAK AND  SAVE  THE INNOCENT CHILD WITHIN    CHINAR SHADE past times Autarmota is licensed nether a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Bharat License.
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