Bali Beaches: Mengiat Beach Nusa Dua Bali

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Best Bali Beaches - Mengiat Beach offers an chance to relish your opor-garai inwards a peaceful together with build clean environment. An astounding arc of white sand, spacious, together with serene. Visitors tin relish the amazing beach atmosphere, cool ocean breeze, stroll along the sandy stretch or pedestrian, adorned amongst beautiful garden together with greenish vegetation.

Mengiat Beach <a href=Bali offers an chance to relish your opor-garai inwards a peaceful together with build clean en BaliBeaches: Mengiat Beach Nusa Dua Bali" border="0" src="https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-VuXTofQe3-c/Wm_UuESs2fI/AAAAAAAAClI/i24_K_xKkh86fUGXMDmmBHoOrmjNHLbfQCLcBGAs/s1600/Mengiat%2BBeach.jpg" title="BaliBeaches: Mengiat Beach Nusa Dua Bali"/>

Mengiat Beach Bali

Best Bali Beaches - The beach is easily accessible past times machine or motorbike. From the Ngurah Rai Airport, caput south-east on the primary route until y'all hitting the entrance gate of Nusa Dua, together with and thence follow the Jl. Mengiat Beach, together with you've constitute the beach. This beach is located inwards the expanse of ITDC (formerly BTDB), an expanse for luxury accommodation such as: Grand Hyatt, Amanusa, Ayodya, St. Regis Hotel, together with more.

Best Bali Beaches - Despite beingness inwards a luxury hotel area, this beach is however world accessible. This house is also supported past times several facilities such every bit parking lot, showers, together with also beachside cafés together with eateries run past times local. This is ensuring the economical create goodness remained inwards the local community.

Best Bali Beaches - This lovely beach is facing the E together with blessed amongst idyllic sunrise. The beach is protected past times offshore reef that prevents waves from breaking on the beach. Visitors tin relax past times the beach, rent a beach chair patch reading or tanning nether the warm tropical sun.

Best Bali Beaches - Local fishermen unremarkably moored their boats on the beach. The rows of traditional wooden boats amongst double outrigger are actually colorful. Visitors tin also explore the 2 small-scale uninhabited islands inwards the north, also the Bias Tugel Temple together with the Water Blow.

Best Bali Beaches - The waters closer to the beach are relatively calm together with shallow. Not solely for swimming, only also for snorkeling. Visitors tin reveal marine life such every bit tropical fish, infant lobsters, together with more. This is also a strategic location for surfers to access several surf points such as: Sri Lanka Point, Mushroom Rock, Ewan's Left, together with Nusa Dua Reef.


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