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Best Bali Beaches - Sekar Jagat Dance is a variant of the Balinese welcome dance, choreographed past times the trip the low-cal fantastic artists, Ni Luh Swasthi Wijaya Bandem inward 1993. The trip the low-cal fantastic is based on the sacred Rejang from Asak (in Karangasem) but far to a greater extent than elegant, stately, together with formal inward presentation.

Best Bali Beaches - The trip the low-cal fantastic is accompanied past times gamelan music, composed past times I Nyoman Windha together with is based on the Selonding music of Tenganan Pegringsingan Village.

Bali.jpg" imageanchor="1" >Sekar Jagat or Tari Sekar Jagat <a href=Bali is a variant of the Balinese welcome trip the low-cal fantastic BaliBeaches: Sekar Jagat Dance - Tari Sekar Jagat Bali" border="0" src="https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-DJ62bGZqoxw/WLy9Uube2jI/AAAAAAAACII/GSOv9mu6ZowZrPVNcnC_OZRbzh6H5abEQCLcB/s1600/Sekar%2BJagat%2BDance%2BBali.jpg" title="BaliBeaches: Sekar Jagat Dance - Tari Sekar Jagat Bali" />

Best Bali Beaches - The trip the low-cal fantastic depicts fragrant flowers together with beautifully decorates the world. Derived from the give-and-take "Sekar" agency fragrant flowers, together with "Jagat" agency the world. This is a grouping trip the low-cal fantastic together with danced past times girls, carrying a bowl amount of flowers together with ornate.

Best Bali Beaches - The happiness inward welcoming the invitee is presented through the graceful movements of the dancers, combined amongst luxurious headdress (gelungan), flowers (canangsari), together with the colorful costume.

Best Bali Beaches - The costumes together with makeup is an essential job inward trip the low-cal fantastic performances, peculiarly to back upwards the human face together with characterizes a dance. Dancers of Sekar Jagat using special headdress or gelungan amongst golden shades together with inward the bring upwards job a unmarried gonjer flower.

Best Bali Beaches - On the depression part, they job tapih, kamen, angkin prada, together with scarves tied simply about the waist of dancers, together with then that the stuff tin non last separated. There are other ornament amongst golden shades that add together a luxurious experience to the trip the low-cal fantastic similar bracelets on both hand, badong on the neck, together with pending worn at the waist for ornament equally good equally roofing the scarves.


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