Bali Best Beaches: Raja Ampat Paradise Inwards Eastern Indonesia

Raja Ampat is a grouping of islands located inwards the say of West Papua. The beauty of this isle makes Raja Ampat equally ane of the most pop tourist icon underwater inwards Indonesia. There is ane affair that characterizes the Raja Ampat underwater scenery stunning. 
since the first Raja Ampat portion of Papua isle has ever been the brain attraction for domestic as well as unusual tourists. Most of them accidentally visited on this tour to regard the beauty of life as well as coral reefs nether the sea. Even many people who claim the Raja Ampat Islands receive got a lot of multifariousness of species throughout most of the islands inwards the world. Some rare species of marine life that you've never fifty-fifty met tin flame you lot come across here.
Use flight to Sorong (Papua) which served several national airline. If you fly from Soekarno-Hatta (Jakarta) will accept 4 hour flight to Sorong (Papua) which stops in Manado with Lion Air or Water Wings. Another option you can fly with Garuda subs 6 or Sriwijaya Air with transit in Makassar (Sulawesi). There is also a 4 hour direct flight from Jakarta to Sorong by Express Air. You can also continue the flight from Sorong to Raja Ampat with Susi Air capacity of 14 people.
Moment in Sorong, next you need to cross the ocean for 2 hours from Sorong to Raja Ampat served Pioneers Ship and Ship Tour. Ferries depart daily from Sorong to Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat Island Waigeo. The ferry departs from Sorong at 13.00, from Sorong to Waisai trip takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Ferry back to Sorong from Waisai 11.00. In Sorong speedboats are also available for rent if you want to get around to the Raja Ampat.
Raja Ampat Island is a charming natural phenomenon with abundant biodiversity. There are 540 species of coral and 1,511 species of fish in Raja Ampat; 75% of all known coral species in the world; 10 times the number of coral species are found throughout the Caribbean; There are also 5 species of endangered sea turtles; 57 species of mantis shrimp; 13 species of marine mammals; and 27 species of fish that just da Amazing sea view at the top and bottom of the sea will be signaled to you that photographing is not to live missed. Raja Ampat's natural conditions are very unique and different as it has the construction of endemic land, marine biodiversity, coastal ecology, and culture. The perfect beauty with tradition and local wisdom population.
  • Diving to see the remains of an underwater shipwreck
  • Playing a kayak
  • Exploring the island by boat
  • Visit a typical red birds of paradise of West Papua
  • Enjoy the beautiful coral islands (karst) around the island Wayag
  • Exploring the cave bat (not bat varieties Dark Knight
  • Make a wooden statue itself is guided by craftsmen Asmat
  • Fishing is traditionally Papua
  • Trekking to discover waterfalls
  • Feeding the possum
  • Snorkeling
In Raja Ampat You can also see the "sea ghost", ie precisely in the Waigeo East, in front of the village and Yesner Urbinasopen. There is a unique and interesting natural phenomenon and can entirely live seen every end of the year. That is a ray emanating from the surrounding sea surface lasts about 10-18 minutes. The locals refer to this phenomenon as "sea ghost". This phenomenon is more than but a view of a beautiful sunset and you can see from the boat (do non miss to record it with your camera)
  • In October and November is a expert time to visit Raja Ampat because the sea is calm and perfect for a camera catches you.
  • Bring a underwater camera or waterproof wrapping a special camera. Use your underwater photography skills for taking photos underwater is non easy but it is also a regret if missed.
  • Bring sunblock, sunscreen, and a hat, T-shirt also convenient for beach weather.
Many divers say that the souvenirs best of Raja Ampat is the story of your experience while visiting Raja Ampat. Surely this is the show catches a squeamish photo. However, if not, to keep friends and family entertained then you need to give them a gift that can live purchased such as:
  • Statue of Asmat
  • Traditional Cloth
  • Traditional musical instruments
  • Flute
  • Tambour (traditional drums
These goods are usually sold in souvenir shops in various cities in Papua. This will ease the burden on you to not bring too many souvenirs of Raja Ampat. You tin flame also buy handicrafts woven in Arborek if happen to visit the village in Raja Ampat.

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