Best Places to Travel in Bali: Purnama Beach Bali - A Peaceful Rural Oceanfront Together With Magnificent Sea View

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Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - The beaches inwards Bali presents itself equally a magnet, attract the attending of every visitor both locally in addition to internationally. The beach in addition to all of its beauty has function the pride of the tourism sector, specially inwards this paradise island. This province of affairs reflected past times dense in addition to crowded visitors at several beach locations inwards Bali.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - The skillful intelligence is that at that spot are ever other beaches that surely could live an option, alongside a calmer in addition to relaxed atmosphere similar Purnama Beach Bali. The beach offers a relaxed atmosphere, away from the bustle, in addition to is supported past times dark-green rice paddies in addition to peaceful rural environment.

Purnama Beach Bali

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Purnama beach is known to direct hold an amazing sea view. H5N1 dark sandy beach alongside beautiful sparkling when exposed to sunrise, a row of palm trees, mount views, in addition to rice paddies of Bali. This beauty is also accompanied past times the deep bluish sea of Bali Strait along alongside Nusa Penida equally its backdrop. Really worth a see when you lot are on vacation inwards Bali.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Purnama beach is situated inwards Banjar Lumpang Telabah, Sukawati Village, District of Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali. The beach is accessible via the principal route of Prof. doc Ida Bagus Mantra, in addition to and thus continues along a smaller street. The paddy fields volition accompany along the trip.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Visitors tin also run into 1 of the almost of import temples inwards Bali, Pura Erjeruk Sukawati. This temple keeps the rails tape of the Nirartha Dang Hyang journey, a holy priest from East Java.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - The waves sounded faint until you lot terminate upward at the site in addition to run into the beauty of this dark sandy beach. You volition live greeted past times a pile of reef-rocks, resembling a modest pyramids-shape alongside ornate of white-yellow cloth, traditional Balinese umbrella, in addition to also approximately statues. This characteristic is used to pose the offerings when Hindus pray. This beach is the house for Melasti in addition to Ngaben ceremony. In addition, at whatever given 2nd visitors tin run into the Balinese Hindu bear a purification ceremony or "melukat" here.

Purnama Beach In Gianyar Bali

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Purnama Beach has been suffered a severe abrasion along the coastline inwards Gianyar Regency, including the Lebih Beach. It is based on a survey conducted past times Bali's Environmental Agency (BLH).

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Abrasion has contributed to the loss of mortal lands, destroying the settlements, shrines in addition to infrastructure.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - However, the beach inwards Gianyar holds the potential of coastal fish resources, specially inwards the Badung Strait, which tin live managed to ameliorate the economic scheme of the population.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - At whatever given time, many visitors come upward hither for fishing. They threw the rod from shore in addition to aspect for the fish accept the bait. While the fishermen using traditional boats for angling inwards the sea.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - The silence in addition to beauty of the atmosphere at Purnama Beach volition attract in addition to print every visitor. Moreover, the beauty of rural oceanfront setting alongside lush vegetation, the glittering dark crystal sand, waves, in addition to the Bali Mountain has attracted lovers of photography to hone skills in addition to creative alongside their ideas.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Purnama beach is also a strategic location to access several surfing signal inwards Bali alongside globe degree waves such equally Keramas, Ketewel, Sanur Reef in addition to more. The coastal portion inwards Gianyar equally Bali surfing signal is known to direct hold nifty in addition to powerful waves. Wet flavor is the best fourth dimension to surf here.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Several other activities such equally recreation, sunbathing, relaxing, in addition to walking along the beach tin live done here. Due to the reef-rocks beach in addition to strong waves, visitors are advised non to swim.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - To back upward the tourism inwards Purnama Beach, at that spot are several villas in addition to accommodation services for visitors who excogitation to stay. The cleanliness along the beach is maintain maintained. There are also other facilities such equally the "warung" or nutrient stall in addition to extensive parking.


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