Best Places to Travel in Bali: Wooden Dulang - The Dulang Kayu Bali Handicraft

Wooden Dulang, Pengrajin Dulang di Bali, Dulang Kayu Bali

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Wooden Dulang or Dulang Kayu Bali is used every bit a house of offerings, serving fruit, pastries, reading, together with also of import inwards making "gebogan". The elevation of dulang resembles a circular tray, supported past times a unmarried pole widening downward.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - This pole serves every bit a handle, is formed inwards such a way, hence it is stable (no sway) when placed on a apartment plane.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Balinese dulang is unremarkably used every bit a house for offerings, which is made sincerely devoted to the Creator. The dulang are usually placed on the "Bale", to prop offerings such every bit fruit, cakes, fabrics, ornaments, etc.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Dulang that is made of woods has been captured the hearts of consumers, inwards improver to the potent stuff also has a relatively inexpensive price. However, the manufacturing procedure takes quite a long time. After the raw materials were collected, hence formed into a stone oil shape continues to lathing procedure for 20-30 minutes.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - The semi-finished dulang is hence dried inwards the shade for 2-3 months, upwards to a maximum evaporation of H2O content. The craftsmen actually avoid the procedure of drying direct nether the sunlight, because this volition brand the dulang cracking.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - Once the H2O content is reduced together with the woods becomes dry, hence layered past times the base of operations pigment hence that the surface becomes smoother together with the pores of the woods covered. Then proceed amongst the end process, staining. The wooden dulang is adorned amongst motif, color, or prada, hence that it looks beautiful together with artistic.

Best Best Places to Travel in Bali - The industry take in of dulang woods inwards Bali is located inwards Bangli regency, exactly inwards Dusun Tegalasah, Tembuku Village, Bangli. Here, the craftsmen attain dulang inwards a household scale, involving household unit of measurement members together with unopen relatives. It becomes a job, although pocket-sized inwards scale, just quite capable of moving the household unit of measurement economy.


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